Haute Vibes, Big City

Model: Crissy kay

Say You'll Be Mine

Wash Me Clean

Model: Natalie Jeanene


Model: The Base Girl         MUA: Lilac Bat         Hair: Nea Muller

Sweater Weather

Model/MUA: Shara Borno

Teak and Roses

Model: Crissy Kay

In Bloom

Model: Zoe Birdsdell       MUA:  Lilac Bat

Kill the Child, Save the Animal

Model: Vinny Malfitano

Earth Mother

Saturday Morning Style

Model: Savanah Lindley

Spring Has Sprung

Model: Kortney Officer

Sunday in the Park

Model: Shara Borno   Gown by: Margaret the Maker

Dreams are Like Paper

Model: Melissa Monet   MUA: Erin Celine

Rupaul's Drag Con 2016

Queens from lft to rt: Alaska Thunderfuck 5000, Ivy Winters, Naomi Smalls, Oceana, Holly White, Ava Patron, TS Madison, Evah Distruction and Amy Dohan (Shrinkle).

Little Black Diamond Coachella Lookbook

Models: Melissa Goodman, Becka Laura, Sierra Rae   Makeup: Fractal Stars  Styling: J-Shap World  Wardrobe: Little Black Diamond

Circle, Circle.  Dot, Dot.

Model: Melissa Monet   MUA: Erin Celine

Sneek Peak

Models: Avalon Monet and Erin Celine   MUA: Erin Celine

Pink Persuasions 

Model: Hannah Rumsey   MUA: Erin Celine

The Mother of Dragons

Model/Cosplay: Marianne Fredricks

Bad Luck Babe

Model: Olivia Hargrove     MUA: Erin Celine

Fall Into Fall

Model/MUA: Melissa Goodman

Elfin Queen

Model: Alexandra Ford         MUA: Erin Celine

Record Store Blues

Model: Avalon Monet    MUA: Erin Celine

Light Up the Night

Models: (L to R): LouLou Noel,  Graham Nation,  Chanon

Wild Child

ModelAlexandra Ford         MUAErin Celine

Witchy Woman

ModelNiki Sick        MUA: Erin Celine Makeup       Makeup Provided by: Delizioso Skin Care     Jewelry: Ceara Leanne Jewlery

When the Party is Over

ModelsMelissa Goodman and Sir Ndrew Silver

Desert Flower

Model: Melissa Goodman

Surfer Girl


Love is in the Air

Family Fun

Hidden La Jolla

Model: Monique Violette

Rhoda Vibes

Model: Hailee Alexis         

Mix Tape Madness 

Model: Niki Sick

Twiggy Vibes

Model: Becka Laura            MUA: Erin Celine

Teenage Wasteland

ModelsMelissa Goodman and Niki Sick      MUA: Erin Celine Makeup       Stylist: Melissa Span

Structured Fashion

Model: Clair Marie                 MUA: Erin Celine

Wednesdays at WindanSea

Model: Denise Orozco                  MUA: Alyssa Danielle

Street Stylez

Model: Melissa Goodman        MUA: Erin Celine Makeup       Stylist: Citizen Blonde

Southwestern Adventures