Cheryl - Elegant Magazine, October 2018


Models: Crissy Kay and Jaenna Wessling     Styling: Hunt and Gather     MUA:  Kai Luvv   


Models:  Kristen Chester, Caleb Martin, Serena Oelke, Mariah Oelke, Emily Karrer    Designer: eMpulse Designs   Hair:  Frank Diamond


Odd Bird Designs - Spring Look Book 2018

Model: Nia Emani    Designer: Odd Bird Designs (Brittany Areola)     MUA:  Rhonda Laurenson   


Models: Hannah Tribb and Hannah Gantt     Styling: Liese Victoria   Designer: Territa Torres   MUA:  Rhonda Laurenson    Hair:  Nea Renee   


Model: Lexi Hensler      Styling: Liese Victoria     MUA:  Sandra     Hair:  Nea Renee   


Model: Karina Weber   Stylist: Liese Victoria   Designer: Jaded Marie   MUA:  Sophie B.   Hair: Briana Nicole


"Puritanica" - Gilded Magazine, January 2017

Model: Zoe Birdsell    Stylist: Liese Victoria    MUA: Rhonda Laurenson    Hairstylist: Nea Muller     Designer: Marcus Richardson


"Dirty Shirley" Part 2-  Haute Punch Magazine, December 2016

Model: Haley Grinder      MUA: Erin Celine      Styling: Wendy W. Smith    Leather Goods: Black Wolff Leather      Wardrobe Pieces: Trendy and Tipsy


Model: Haley Grinder      MUA: Erin Celine      Styling: Wendy W. Smith    Leather Goods: Black Wolff Leather      Wardrobe Pieces: Trendy and Tipsy


Margaret the Maker - Fall Fashion Week Lookbook, October 2017

Models (L to R) - Nyadhour Deng, Puja Paloma, Marissa Stokes, Yolanda Ruiz    Designer: Margaret the Maker   MUA: Erin Celine Makeup  

Hair: Rena Sugarman


Model/MUA: Madylin Smith      Designer: Margaret the Maker


Paul Parnell - Spring '17 Lookbook, September 2016

Models: Tom Hausen, Aaron Shides, Bree Brommer, Destiny Moore Starlight   Styling: Liese Victoria   Designer: Paul Parnell   MUA: Nea Renee

Hair: Rhonda Laurenson


Model: Natalie Jeanean   Styling: Liese Victoria  MUA: Erin Celine   Hair: Maya Nowzaki   Gowns: Marcus Richardson   


"Like a Mirage" - Arsenic Magazine, June 2016

Model: Haley Grinder   MUA: Erin Celine


"Life in Technicolor" - Published in Slayed Magazine, May 2016

Model: Puja Paloma   Styling: Leise Victoria   MUA: Erin Celine   Wardrobe provided by: Flashbacks SD


"Windows and Walls" - Pump Magazine, April 2016

Model: Caitlin Love    Styling: Liese Victoria     MUA: Maya Nozaki    Hair: Groom the Salon, SD   Designer: Marcus Richardson


"Backstage Pass" - Published in Philocaly Magazine,  April 2016

Model: Becka Laura   MUA: Erin Celine   Wardrobe provided by: Trendy and Tipsy


"Saved By The Bell" - Pump Magazine, Feb 2016 

Model: Christina Marie Marchitti      Styling/Photography: Wendy W. Smith


Models: Melissa Goodman and Tim Adam    MUA: Melissa Goodman    Creative Direction/Styling/Photography:  Wendy W. Smith


Model: Becka Laura        Styling/Photography: Wendy W. Smith       MUA: Robin Cote         Hair: Phil Backes


Model: Melissa Monet          MUA: Erin Celine        Styling/Photography: Wendy W. Smith     Jewelery provided by Love Thirteen


Models:  Melissa Monet and Daryana Mikhniuk       MUA: Melissa Goodman     Stylist: Citizen Blonde 


"Into the Woods - Part 1"- The Latent Pixel, September 2015 Issue

Models:  Melissa Monet and Daryana Mikhniuk       MUA: Melissa Goodman     Stylist: Citizen Blonde 


"Riptide" - Arsenic Magazine,  September 2015

Model: Marissa Stokes     Stylist/Photographer: Wendy W. Smith


"Reckless"- Zele Magazine, Hot August Nights Edition

Models: Lizzy Grove and Reed Byrd   Stylist/Creative DirectorCrystal Russell 

MUAErin Celine Makeup Artestry       HairAmanda Leigh     Wardrobe: Flashbacks SD                                      


"Feelin' Groovy" - Bisous Magazine 2015

Model: Serena M. Wright (No Ties Model Management)      Stylist/Creative Director: Crystal Russell 

MUA: Erin Celine Makeup Artestry       Hair: Amanda Leigh     Wardrobe: Dream Girls OB, Big Mystic Jewelry, Big Wolff Leather                                        


"The Getaway"- Dark Slide Magazine, September 2015


"50 Shades of Guess" - Arsenic Magazine, September 2015


Bikinis, Blondes and Beaches - Flash and Fuse Magazine, Issue 3


"Put A Spell On You"- Elision Magazine May 2015

Model: Danielle Nicole           MUA: Erin Celine Makeup           Makeup Provided by: Delizioso Skin Care


"Primal"- Arsenic Magazine - May 16th, 2015

Model: Haley Grinder           MUA: Erin Celine


Pump Magazine, May 2015


Slayed Magazine- Issue 1

Model: Kelsea Makalani        MUA: Erin Celine Makeup Artestry