Model:  The Base Girl        MUA:  Lilac Bat       Hair:  Nea Muller

Model: The Base Girl       MUA: Lilac Bat      Hair: Nea Muller

From the depths she starts to rise, a pillar of strength and beauty which remains steadfast despite the backlash from the very planet that once sustained her.  As earth undertakes is final tumultuous hours and the damage caused by those it once sought to protect becomes to severe, she finds herself with nothing left to do but survive.

  Slowly she ascends.

 With each labored step forward she slips back, handfuls of soft eroding earth filling her palms and the fruitless nature of her climb becoming increasingly evident, yet still she perseveres.  The barren world around her no longer a place to sustain most life.  Only the strongest will endure.

But she is a wildcat.   A fighter.  In this new and unforgiving world she will be one of the survivors.  A champion in the new world order.  A warrior of the Apocalypse.  

"Apocalypto" was shot in San Diego, Ca and was made possible due to a simply amazing team of strong and powerful female artists!  It features Clair Marie, aka The BASE Girl (@thebasegirl), an adventure sports guru and all around bad ass chick.  Makeup was provided by the always killer Lilac Bat (@lilacbat) who took our concept to a whole new level with the warrior war paint.  Hair by the wonderful Nea Miller (@missnearenee).  Thank you for such a great shoot ladies, it is always so amazing to see a concept come to life!