Windows and Walls

Model:   Caitlin Love      Styling:   Liese Victoria       MUA:   Maya Nozaki      Hair:   Groom the Salon, SD     Designer:   Marcus Richardson    Published in :  Pump Magazine

Model: Caitlin Love    Styling: Liese Victoria     MUA: Maya Nozaki    Hair: Groom the Salon, SD   Designer: Marcus Richardson   Published in : Pump Magazine

I recently had the pleasure of collaborating on a killer fashion shoot with one of my new favorite artistic ladies in San Diego, stylist Liese Victoria.  This was the second shoot we have worked on together (the first is stunning and will be coming soon so be sure to watch for it) and the entire set came together so easily it was incredible!  This whole piece features designs by San Diego based visionary, Marcus Richardson, and the combination of his couture pieces against the urban San Diego background made for the perfect juxtaposition of glamour and grit.  Model Caitlin Love with S.D. Model Management worked the designs perfectly and her glamorous look, provided by Makeup Artist Maya Nozaki and Groom the Salon SD, brought all of the shots to the next level.  The piece seen above was published in the April edition of Pump Magazine and featured a nice little write up about myself, my process and the entire team involved (and can be purchased by following the Pump Magazine link above).  Below is the entire set as I envisioned it, featuring frames that were published as well as never before seen frames as well!  After the piece I have included the write up as well for those of you who don't want to squint to read the magazine fine print!  So without further ado, i give you "Windows and Walls"!!

“Windows and Walls” is a piece that was shot in San Diego, California by SoCal based fashion photographer Wendy W. Smith.  Wendy specializes in natural light and vibrant color and uses this combination to create unique and eye catching images.  She began as a landscape and wildlife photographer 4 years ago and she uses this background to help make every shoot she works on unique and visually appealing.  She moved into the world of fashion photography a year and a half ago and has never looked back.  

 She is mainly inspired by nature and the brilliant colors created by our amazing planet. She was raised both in the mountains of the Eastern Sierras and on the beaches of San Diego so she has an innate love for being outside and exploring all of nature's wonders!  Sunset is one of her favorite times of day and she draws inspiration from the vibrant colors that light the sky and the way the light can play with any landscape or urban scene. She uses these inspirations in combination with her deep love of fashion and fashion photography in order to create her images.  She is mainly inspired by 60’s and 70’s bohemian fashion, mixed with current and classic styles. 

 This shoot, featuring designs by San Diego based designer Michael Richardson and styling by Liese Victoria, was so fun for Wendy to shoot since it was based around the use of colors found in the Urban areas of downtown San Diego, instead of colors found in nature, which is what she tends to typically shoot.  The artfully designed clothing pieces mixed with the vibrantly textured walls and crisp reflective windows of this downtown metropolis helped to give this avant-garde shoot a very fashion forward feeling.  The entire piece was beautifully brought to life by San Diego based model Caitlin Love, makeup artist Maya Nozaki, and hair stylist Freddy Silva.  Together this entire team was able to work seamlessly to put together this editorial piece, “Windows and Walls”.

I want to send a huge thank you out to everyone involved in making this shoot such a success!  An be sure to stay tuned for my next blog post coming later this week featuring my most recent cosplay style shoot and Marianne Fredricks as a most stunning Khaleesi from the one and only Game of Thrones!