We Are Not Things


Models (left to right)- Hayley Eyer, The Spritely One, Model Katt Louise and Caroline Courtney

This summer, I had the pleasure of heading down to San Diego Comic Con for a shoot with the queens of cosplay,  Hayley EyerThe Spritely OneModel Katt Louise and Caroline Courtney!  I have never spent much time in downtown during the Comic Con weekend due to the SEA of people that takes over the Gaslamp Quarter, but when these beauties mentioned they would be there and invited me to come and shoot them I simply could not resist.  As a cosplay newbie I was unsure of exactly what I was in for on this shoot, but man did these ladies make it easy!

These ladies were the breeders/wives of Immortan Joe from Mad Max Fury Road.  Caroline was the Imperator Furiosa, Katt was the Capable, Hayley was The Splendid Angharad and Sprite was the Dag.  As a group these ladies looked phenomenal, playing off of eachother's energy and bringing the feeling and soul of these oppressed characters.

We also did mini individual shoots to allow the ladies express themselves through their characters, and boy they did not disappoint.  Each one of them brought a special fire to their shots!

This shoot was such a fun experience and has made me want to get out and shoot more cosplay (*wink wink*).  I just love watching skilled models not only work the camera beautifully but bring a character that you have only ever seen on screen to life right before your eyes. Thank you again ladies for such a killer shoot!

Be sure to check back later this wee for a new post featuring the face of Young Free and Style Obsessed!