Slab City Chicks

For some time now, I have wanted to make the journey out to Slab City and experience it in person.  I had heard so much about this artistic community tucked away into the California desert, so when the beautiful Niki Sick (@witchawoman) and Haley Grinder (@hellgrinder) said they would journey out there with Erin Celine (@erincelinemakeup), my incredible MUA, and me I was beyond excited.  It was an excruciatingly hot day for it being the beginning of March, but we  waited for the harsh noon sun to fade (by hiding in the shade of an old recycling plant) and as the sun began to dip in the sky we headed into East Jesus to to see what Slab City had in store for us.  Our first stop was at the very well known Salvation Mountain (watch for another post showing all the fun we had there coming soon!!!).  After that stop we continued down an old dirt road that led into Slab City proper.  Right away our eye was caught by an ornately decorated truck, covered in every type of trinket imaginable.  Next to the truck was an old mobile home that was just too intriguing to not venture into.  This was the best call we made all day.  The trailer provided us with a location that looked like it had been decorated just for us, camera lined mirrors on the ceiling, interesting chachkies all over the walls and the most perfect natural lightning!  It was like the trailer was put right there for us!!

We then went a bit further into the area and found an amazing empty pool covered in graffiti that even came with its own live entertainment- a local band had set up and was practicing for that night's festivities.  They welcomed us into the area and we went crazy, shooing with the old abandonded car parked in the center of the pool, the recliners tucked beneith and old scraggly tree, really anywhere that caught our eye.  

At then end of our pool exploration the sun was just starting to set, so we used the last bits of light to capture whatever we could before the sun dipped below the desert horizon.  The girls even talked me into taking my turn as a model!  

I am so glad I had the opportunity to get out to the desert and get the chance to finally experience Slab City.  It definitely did not disappoint  and I plan to go back soon to see what other hidden gems are lying in wait, ready to be the backdrop for another amazing shoot!