Model:  The Base Girl        MUA:  Lilac Bat       Hair:  Nea Muller

Model: The Base Girl       MUA: Lilac Bat      Hair: Nea Muller

From the depths she starts to rise, a pillar of strength and beauty which remains steadfast despite the backlash from the very planet that once sustained her.  As earth undertakes is final tumultuous hours and the damage caused by those it once sought to protect becomes to severe, she finds herself with nothing left to do but survive.

  Slowly she ascends.

 With each labored step forward she slips back, handfuls of soft eroding earth filling her palms and the fruitless nature of her climb becoming increasingly evident, yet still she perseveres.  The barren world around her no longer a place to sustain most life.  Only the strongest will endure.

But she is a wildcat.   A fighter.  In this new and unforgiving world she will be one of the survivors.  A champion in the new world order.  A warrior of the Apocalypse.  

"Apocalypto" was shot in San Diego, Ca and was made possible due to a simply amazing team of strong and powerful female artists!  It features Clair Marie, aka The BASE Girl (@thebasegirl), an adventure sports guru and all around bad ass chick.  Makeup was provided by the always killer Lilac Bat (@lilacbat) who took our concept to a whole new level with the warrior war paint.  Hair by the wonderful Nea Miller (@missnearenee).  Thank you for such a great shoot ladies, it is always so amazing to see a concept come to life!

What a Year It's Been!

Hi everyone and welcome back!  So, thanks to Facebook and its' relentless reminders of what happened "one year ago today" I realized that my new and improved website turned 1 today and, since i have spent today giving her a little facelift, I really began to realize how many amazing shoots I have had the pleasure of being a part of over the past year!  So, I figured why not do a quick little anniversary recap!  Here are 13 of my favorite shoots that have occurred over the past 12 months ( I tried for 12 I really did, but it was just impossible.  In fact 13 is basically impossible and if i could I would share EVERYTHING!).  Anyway, here are just some of my favorite projects, in no particular order!

"Kill the Child, Save the Animal" - A collaboration with Vinny Malifitano 

"Kill the Child, Save the Animal" - A collaboration with Vinny Malifitano 

"Sneek Peak"- Featuring Avalon Monet and Erin Celine with makeup by Erin Celine

"Sneek Peak"- Featuring Avalon Monet and Erin Celine with makeup by Erin Celine

"Sunday in the Park" featuring Shara Boreno with couture gown by Margaret the Maker

"Sunday in the Park" featuring Shara Boreno with couture gown by Margaret the Maker

"In the Garden" featuring Nathalie Jeanean, Makeup by Erin Celine, Stying by Leise Victoria, Hair by Maya Nozaki, published in CoCo Magazine

"In the Garden" featuring Nathalie Jeanean, Makeup by Erin Celine, Stying by Leise Victoria, Hair by Maya Nozaki, published in CoCo Magazine

"Queens on Queens on Queens" Drag Con 2016- Featuring Alaska Thunderfuck 5000, Oceana, and Holly White

"Shipwrecked" featuring Melissa Monet and makeup by Erin Celine, published in Stone Free Magazine

"Shipwrecked" featuring Melissa Monet and makeup by Erin Celine, published in Stone Free Magazine

"Reckless" featuring Lizzy grove and Reed Byrd, Styling by Lovers are Square, Makeup by Erin Celine, Hair by Amanda Moore, published in Zele Magaziine

"Reckless" featuring Lizzy grove and Reed Byrd, Styling by Lovers are Square, Makeup by Erin Celine, Hair by Amanda Moore, published in Zele Magaziine

"Bewitched" featuring Niki Sick with makeup by Ileiana Tupolo, published in Elision Magazine

"Bewitched" featuring Niki Sick with makeup by Ileiana Tupolo, published in Elision Magazine

"When the Show is Over" featuring Marissa Stokes, makeup by Erin Celine and hair by Winna Izis

"When the Show is Over" featuring Marissa Stokes, makeup by Erin Celine and hair by Winna Izis

"Riptiede" featuring Marissa Stokes, published in Arsenic Magazine

"Riptiede" featuring Marissa Stokes, published in Arsenic Magazine

"Hot Child, Summer in the City" featuing Nesha Torres, Makeup by Vixavage and wardrobe provided by Trendy and Tipsy

"Hot Child, Summer in the City" featuing Nesha Torres, Makeup by Vixavage and wardrobe provided by Trendy and Tipsy

"Circle, Circle.  Dot, Dot." featuring Melissa Monet and makeup by Erin Celine

"Circle, Circle.  Dot, Dot." featuring Melissa Monet and makeup by Erin Celine

"From the Depths" featuring Andrew Silver

"From the Depths" featuring Andrew Silver

"Like a Mirage" featuring Haley Grinder and makeup by Erin Celine

"Like a Mirage" featuring Haley Grinder and makeup by Erin Celine

I'd like to send a huge thank you out to everyone who has been a part of each and every shoot that has gotten me to where I am today.  I have been so lucky to work with so many amazing and talent artists and i cannot wait to see what the next year will bring!  

Until next time!



Windows and Walls

Model:   Caitlin Love      Styling:   Liese Victoria       MUA:   Maya Nozaki      Hair:   Groom the Salon, SD     Designer:   Marcus Richardson    Published in :  Pump Magazine

Model: Caitlin Love    Styling: Liese Victoria     MUA: Maya Nozaki    Hair: Groom the Salon, SD   Designer: Marcus Richardson   Published in : Pump Magazine

I recently had the pleasure of collaborating on a killer fashion shoot with one of my new favorite artistic ladies in San Diego, stylist Liese Victoria.  This was the second shoot we have worked on together (the first is stunning and will be coming soon so be sure to watch for it) and the entire set came together so easily it was incredible!  This whole piece features designs by San Diego based visionary, Marcus Richardson, and the combination of his couture pieces against the urban San Diego background made for the perfect juxtaposition of glamour and grit.  Model Caitlin Love with S.D. Model Management worked the designs perfectly and her glamorous look, provided by Makeup Artist Maya Nozaki and Groom the Salon SD, brought all of the shots to the next level.  The piece seen above was published in the April edition of Pump Magazine and featured a nice little write up about myself, my process and the entire team involved (and can be purchased by following the Pump Magazine link above).  Below is the entire set as I envisioned it, featuring frames that were published as well as never before seen frames as well!  After the piece I have included the write up as well for those of you who don't want to squint to read the magazine fine print!  So without further ado, i give you "Windows and Walls"!!

“Windows and Walls” is a piece that was shot in San Diego, California by SoCal based fashion photographer Wendy W. Smith.  Wendy specializes in natural light and vibrant color and uses this combination to create unique and eye catching images.  She began as a landscape and wildlife photographer 4 years ago and she uses this background to help make every shoot she works on unique and visually appealing.  She moved into the world of fashion photography a year and a half ago and has never looked back.  

 She is mainly inspired by nature and the brilliant colors created by our amazing planet. She was raised both in the mountains of the Eastern Sierras and on the beaches of San Diego so she has an innate love for being outside and exploring all of nature's wonders!  Sunset is one of her favorite times of day and she draws inspiration from the vibrant colors that light the sky and the way the light can play with any landscape or urban scene. She uses these inspirations in combination with her deep love of fashion and fashion photography in order to create her images.  She is mainly inspired by 60’s and 70’s bohemian fashion, mixed with current and classic styles. 

 This shoot, featuring designs by San Diego based designer Michael Richardson and styling by Liese Victoria, was so fun for Wendy to shoot since it was based around the use of colors found in the Urban areas of downtown San Diego, instead of colors found in nature, which is what she tends to typically shoot.  The artfully designed clothing pieces mixed with the vibrantly textured walls and crisp reflective windows of this downtown metropolis helped to give this avant-garde shoot a very fashion forward feeling.  The entire piece was beautifully brought to life by San Diego based model Caitlin Love, makeup artist Maya Nozaki, and hair stylist Freddy Silva.  Together this entire team was able to work seamlessly to put together this editorial piece, “Windows and Walls”.

I want to send a huge thank you out to everyone involved in making this shoot such a success!  An be sure to stay tuned for my next blog post coming later this week featuring my most recent cosplay style shoot and Marianne Fredricks as a most stunning Khaleesi from the one and only Game of Thrones!





Rock and Roll Star

Model:  Olivia Hargrove        MUA:   Erin Celine

Model: Olivia Hargrove      MUA: Erin Celine

Last month, my girl Erin Celine and I made our second trip up to the City of Angels for a day of shooting fun.  We knew we had to work with the lovely Olivia of Young Free and Style Obsessed again while we were in town, and she definitely did not disappoint!  We decided to meet up in the Arts district in Downtown LA because there is always an amazing array of colorful grafitti and street art that makes the otherwise dull city walls pop!  Color really was the overall theme of this shoot, which seriously couldn't make a color loving photographer like me any happier.  Olivia was rocking an amazing turquoise mohawk when she met up with us, and Erin was able to create a makeup look that complemented the color perfectly (including that rocking turquoise brow).  

Olivia brought two looks to shoot, both featuring pieces from Forever 21.  This first look featured the silver jogger pant and a gorgeous blue coat (both available at Forever 21) as well as a Bad Luck Babes tee and a perfectly chunky Barbara Pellegrino necklace.  The colors in this look complemented the street art we found perfectly, creating an out of this world rock and roll princess style look!

The second look we shot featured a simple and elegant form fitting black dress which can also be found at Forever 21.  The single crystal neckless from Barabra Pellegrino gave the dress a little extra sparkle, but the entire look really allowed the makeup, and Olivia's overall bad ass personality, to shine through.

Olivia had only planned for us to shoot these two looks, but once we got on a roll and saw the amazing shots we were creating, we figured why not throw one more look together out of pieces she had in her car?!  She found this adorable ant shirt and paired it with a pair of fun heart sunglasses and some black pants, for a perfectly casual yet chic look!

Once again, this was a great day spent out on the streets of LA with the team.   It is always such a pleasure to get to collaborate with Olivia and Erin, and the images we produce really show what a great time we have!  Thanks again for a wonderful day ladies!  

And, as always, be sure to check back soon to see the rundown on my latest collaboration with Alexandra Ford, and of corse the one and only Erin Celine Makeup!



Life in Plastic

Model:  Chelsea Texeira      Published in  Elision Magazine

Model: Chelsea Texeira     Published in Elision Magazine

"I'm a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world.  Life in Plastic, it's fantastic!"  I have had those lyrics on a loop in my  in my head the entire time I worked on this fun and colorful set featuring the lovely Chelsea Texeira!   When Chelsea first approached me about doing a Barbie themed shoot I instantly jumped on the idea.  I knew Chelsea would embody the California Barbie perfectly and boy did she deliver!

We decided to shoot down by the boardwalk area of Pacific Beach, the area has a quintessential California feel and fit right in the with Cali Barbie theme.  I love the look of the PB Pier and knew I wanted to shoot a couple of the looks next to it!  The little bungalows that line the pier as it heads off into the gorgeous pacific ocean always make you feel like you are on vacation when you are on the beach in PB.

Every Barbie girl knows that it's important to stay in shape, especially when you live in Cali, but it's even more important to look adorable as you do!  And, whenever possible, match your bike to your workout gear!

We made sure to include a look that was ready for a night on the town, because what Cali Barbie doesn't need a great sequin dress when she's ready to go out with her friends?

A great big thank you goes out to Chelsea for making this Barbie shoot a reality!  You totally killed it girll!!!  Want to see this set in publication?  Follow the link over to Elision Magazine http://www.elisionmag.com/models/2016/1/11/life-in-plastic!  And, as always be sure to check back soon, I will be sharing the full set from my recent shoot with the face of Young, Free and Style Obsessed, Olivia Hargrove!




When the Show is Over...

Model:  Marissa Stokes      MUA:  Erin Celine      Hair:  Winna Izis     Creative Direction/Photography:  Wendy W. Smith

Model: Marissa Stokes     MUA: Erin Celine     Hair: Winna Izis    Creative Direction/Photography: Wendy W. Smith

I have always had an obsession with the timeless feel of Old Hollywood Glamour.  So, when I heard that there was an abandoned theater sitting right in the middle of San Diego my creative thought process instantly jumped into high gear!  My first instinct was to draw inspiration from the movie Sunset Boulevard and the idea of the stunning starlet desperately clinging to the beauty and opulence that the stage once created for them- but has long since faded away.  I decided to portray the loss of beauty through the staging and scene instead of through the model herself, and this ghostly shell of a theater set the stage perfectly!  

I was able to get an amazing team together to take this idea out of my head and make it a reality.  I asked the wonderful Marissa Stokes to come out to be our starlet.  I had worked with her once before and knew she would be able to tap into the emotion needed to portray this scene. As usual, I had my favorite makeup artist, Erin Celine, on hand to create a classic look featuring old glamour black eye liner and a bold lip.  I also had Winna Izis come out to give Marissa the most amazing finger wave do.  I had worked with Winna several times before and I knew she would knock it out of the park (as she totally did!)

We arrived at the theater right at the height of golden hour and hustled Marissa into wardrobe because the light that was poring though the stage and illuminating the dust in the air was just too good to miss.  I chose this simple nightgown and lingerie look as it reminded me of what a starlet would throw on after getting out of her binding costume for the evening.  I told Marissa to connect directly to the theater and portray missing the stage through her body movements and her work with the curtain ropes really nailed this directive!

This next look, a long green velvet dress with sweetheart neckline, reminded me of the dress this beauty would slip into after the show before heading out for a nightcap with the cast.  I was really inspired by the thought that this woman would still treat her time in the theater at its most dilapidated the same way she would have on opening night of her biggest show.  She would examine her flawless face, prepare herself for performance, and then hit the stage with grace and poise.

 I loved the fact that all of the curtian ropes were still intact and the thought of this woman entwining herself with the ropes felt like a way for her to connect herself back to the stage she so greatly loved.

One thing you always have to be prepared for when shooting an editorial on location is the possibility for things to not go as planned, at all!  We did hit a few snags along the way  and due to this we weren't able to complete all of the looks that we had hoped, but overall I am so happy with what we were able to create.  Thank you to this incredible team who braved this 'bando expedition and helped to make my vision a reality! And, as always, be sure to check back soon to see the full set from my latest collaboration with Olivia Hargrove, of Young Free and Style Obsessed and Erin Celine Makeup as we take on the DTLA Arts District!



Classic Beauty

Model:  Shara Barno

On one of the last days of 2015, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting up the beautiful Shara Barno (IG @sharabee) for a quick little test shoot in La Jolla.  You never know what is going to come from a test shoot, and its a truly magical thing when the images you create far exceed your expectations!  Shara and I instantly clicked which made the shoot both super fun and completely effortless at the same time.  

We decided to fight against the typical SoCal beach shoot vibe and go for a more classic beauty look. Shara really embodied both the look and the feel that we were going for, and managed to take both looks to the next level due to her poise and the overall timeless ora she brought to these shots.

She also brought a touch of old school glamour to the table with her wardrobe and her posing, and these influences actually prompted me to do something I rarely do, play with some edits in black and white!  I tend to always think in color but after getting into working on this set, I couldn't help myself!

At the end of the shoot, I absolutely couldn't let Shara leave without snapping a shot of her for That Portrait Project (IG @thatportraitproject).  Her freckles and gorgeous curly hair are just to perfect for the Portrait Project look!  I was inspired by her great look to really amp up my edit game on this portrait, and I have to admit I am in love with the way it turned out!

I am so glad I got the opportunity to work with Shara and I am so excited that we are already brainstorming for our next collaboration!  Be sure to go and check her out on her IG @sharabee and leave her some love!  And, as always, be sure to check back soon for my  next new blog post featuring some serious old Hollywood glamour!




Hot Child in the City


Model: Nesha Torres           MUA: Vixavage Makeup Artistry         Styled by: Trendy and Tipsy

On an unusually hot day in late September, I met up with the gorgeous Nesha Torres down in Ocean Beach for a quick yet totally killer shoot!  Nesha works closely with Shop Trendy and Tipsy, a San Diego boutique whose pieces I not only love but use in my shoots frequently, so we figured it was about time we got out and worked together!  The pieces were styled by Katie, the owner of Trendy and Tipsy, and the laid back vibe worked perfectly on the sweltering day!

The first look we played with was a pair of perfectly destructed boyfriend jeans and a cute lacy white bralette topped of with a great pair of white rimmed shades.  I am so in love with the jeans and need to get myself a pair just like them. ASAP.  

After shooting the first look down by the OB pier, we were in desperate need of some shelter from the sun.  We wandered back behind one of the many bars in the OB area and found this stack of Modelo keg's and I knew we had found our next shoot location.  This look features one of Trendy and Tipsy's signature denim jackets featuring a vintage wash and some great rock and roll patches and a  pair of Volcom bikini bottoms.  Nesha really brought the fire in this look and I captured some of my favorite images of this series back in the little hidden nook. 

Since it was such a warm day, Nesha wanted to incorporate some ice cream into the shoot as well, and heck who can say no to ice cream?!?  We used the Volcom bottom again and topped the look with a vintage Robert Plant tee to create a laid back beach vibe.  I love the way these shots with the ice cream came out, so late summer in SoCal!

Eventhough this shoot only took us about 45 minutes to to knock out, I loved every second of it!  Nesha and I have another shoot in the works so be sure to watch for another set featuring this babe coming soon!  Also, if you are in the San Diego area, everyone needs to go and check out the grand opening of the Trendy and Tipsy retail store, opening down in PB on Sat Nov. 14th!  Just follow the link to their website for more info/exact location!

Thank you to everyone involved in this great shoot, and be sure to check back here soon for my next post, featuring one of my newest (and most favorite) editorials, Shipwrecked, published in Stone Free Magazine!!





Model: Marissa Stokes        Published in Arsenic Magazine

This summer I have found myself  completely drawn to the water, and anytime I get the chance to shoot in or around it I am one happy lady.  For several months now, I have been putting together the idea of an early morning water nymph/lady of the lake inspired shoot.  After scouring Pinterest and devoting an entire board to the idea, I contacted the stunning Marissa Stokes to come out and be my nymph muse.  She got up to meet me at the crack of dawn down in La Jolla and hoped right in the water without question.   

I chose to stick with a wardrobe composed of simple dresses and slips in order to achieve a "Lady of the Lake" feel.  This white slip is a vintage piece I got from my grandma years ago and I couldn't be happier with how it looked in the seaside caves.

I also drew a bit of inspiration from a previous shoot I worked on this sumer, incorporating the concept of a woman Shipwrecked and stranded (speaking of which, be sure to watch for my editorial "Shipwrecked" coming out soon in the new issue of Stone Free Magazine.) This black vintage dress reminded me of something a woman would have worn on a journey across the sea, so shooting this piece wet just worked perfectly.   It is that simple beauty that is created by the dichotomy of having a model fully clothed mixed with the sand and sea water that I think is at the core of what has drawn me to shoot in or near water so much recently. 

The cave that we shot a portion of this series in provided us with the exact conditions I had hoped for.  There was a small tide pool that allowed us to shoot in water without having to constinatly be in the open sea and there was soft early morning light pouring through the far entrance.

The cave also had an interesting old post helping to fight against the erosion caused by the never ending waves, and some smooth rock walls that were worn down to perfection.  The dark color of the rocks really made this light turquoise maxi dress prop.

in the end, this series came out better than I had ever envisioned it could be.  Marissa brought a wonderful elegance to the overall piece and really understood the direction I was going in.  I would like to send a huge thank you out to her for being such a great muse in this piece and for braving the early morning ocean water!  I just had to include this one outtake, I think her face says it all!

I'd also like to thank Arsenic Magazine for publishing this piece and once again allowing me to be a part of their awesome publication!  And, as always, be sure to check back here soon to see the full set of my shoot with the stunning Nesha Torres for Shop Trendy and Tipsy!



Wild Child


Model: Alexandra Ford          MUA: Erin Celine

I have a little hidden sanctuary that lies right in the middle of San Diego County.  It is a place I can go to get away from the bustle of the city without having to actually leave town.  It also provides me the perfect location to shoot bohemian nature shoots year round due to the unique canyon vegetation that grows there and the small creek that runs through it year round (some months much stronger than others but hey, thats SoCal.)  I recently decided to bring the absolutely gorgeous Alexandra Ford there for a nature shoot showcasing a few looks for her blog, and it happened to be one of those days where everything comes together perfectly.  

Alexandra's first look featured this adorable Lace and Whisky romper, Jackson and Hyde clutch, Klubnico heels and a vintage Stetson hat (that I have to admit I was basically obsessed with)! We happened to make it out to shoot at the perfect time of day for my little canyon, and the light coming through the leaves created a slight fall feel (despite the 100 degree heat we were shooting in!). 

The day before our shoot we got an unusual amount of rain here in San Diego, so my favorite little creek was flowing much stronger than it usually does.  My favorite part of this area is the deep pool that is tucked back behind some overhanging brush.  There is water in this pool year round, but when it rains the water really rises creating a tiny little swimming hole.  As Alex and I explored the creek, she was more than happy to kick off her shoes and hop into the pool and cool off.  The afternoon light bouncing off the shimmering pool and Alex rocking her adorable roper created a scene that has become one of my favorite shots I have taken recently (the shot in the second row on the right).

Alex's second look just screamed fall and I wanted to be sure to showcase it in a different area than the creek- one that gave the impression that seasons change here in San Diego!  This location is in the same canyon as the other, just off a different trail from the creek.  In this look she is rocking a Raga Coat (which I am seriously DYING over!), Brandy Melville tee, Zara pants and shoes from Forever 21.

This canyon is also home to one of my favorite fields, and whenever I am there I have to have my lovely model strike a few poses in the flower filled area.  I love the way the pink tones worked with the red flowers and the late afternoon light.  

A huge thank you goes out to Alex for being such an amazing and professional subject and to Erin Celine Makeup for once again bringing her killer talent to the table.  I am so excited to be working with Alex again next week, this time in her neck of the woods (yes, we are actually going into the woods and I can't WAIT!).  And as always, be sure to check back soon for my next post coming this weekend featuring @mariweather and my newest publication, Riptide!



Young Free and Style Obsessed


Model: Olivia Hargrove         MUA: Erin Celine Makeup

Last month, Erin Celine and I hopped on the train and took a trip up to Los Angeles.  Business brought us to the City of Angels, but we of corse managed to have a little bit of fun while we were there as well (Note: If you haven't been to Perch for brunch you must go the next time you find yourself in DTLA, the Sangria is to die for!!!).  One of the highlights of the trip was getting to meet the beautiful Olivia Hargrove, the face of Young, Free and Style Obsessed.  I had been in contact with Olivia for a while but was never able to lock down a shoot until this trip, and boy am I happy the stars aligned the way they did! Being able to do the shoot with Erin there always makes a huge difference.   Olivia's natural beauty was showcased by Erin's killer makeup look which featured a shocking LimeCrime Lipstick that complemented Olivia's pink hair (color by Manic Panic NYC), and this shoot came together perfectly!  

We met Olivia in Koreatown, a very urban yet quirky area outside of DTLA, and we hit the streets to explore.  We also had fun snaping some shots inside an old hotel turned apartment building that had interesting nooks and cranies everywhere we looked.

One of the final looks Olivia wore was an up-cycled tee shirt from her own collection, Cobra House.  She offers lots of up-cycled looks featuring classic band tee's and other vintage pieces made modern with her own special flare.  Be sure to check her pieces out, they are amazing!

I am so glad I go the chance to work with Olivia and I look forward to collaborating more with her in the future!  And a huge thank you to Erin Celine for making the trip with me and taking on the crazy Amtrak workers on our trip home ;P

Be sure to check back here soon to see my shoot with the always stunning Alexandra Ford!

We Are Not Things


Models (left to right)- Hayley Eyer, The Spritely One, Model Katt Louise and Caroline Courtney

This summer, I had the pleasure of heading down to San Diego Comic Con for a shoot with the queens of cosplay,  Hayley EyerThe Spritely OneModel Katt Louise and Caroline Courtney!  I have never spent much time in downtown during the Comic Con weekend due to the SEA of people that takes over the Gaslamp Quarter, but when these beauties mentioned they would be there and invited me to come and shoot them I simply could not resist.  As a cosplay newbie I was unsure of exactly what I was in for on this shoot, but man did these ladies make it easy!

These ladies were the breeders/wives of Immortan Joe from Mad Max Fury Road.  Caroline was the Imperator Furiosa, Katt was the Capable, Hayley was The Splendid Angharad and Sprite was the Dag.  As a group these ladies looked phenomenal, playing off of eachother's energy and bringing the feeling and soul of these oppressed characters.

We also did mini individual shoots to allow the ladies express themselves through their characters, and boy they did not disappoint.  Each one of them brought a special fire to their shots!

This shoot was such a fun experience and has made me want to get out and shoot more cosplay (*wink wink*).  I just love watching skilled models not only work the camera beautifully but bring a character that you have only ever seen on screen to life right before your eyes. Thank you again ladies for such a killer shoot!

Be sure to check back later this wee for a new post featuring the face of Young Free and Style Obsessed!



Semi Charmed Life

Model/MUA:  Leah Fagan       Published in  Elision Magazine

Model/MUA: Leah Fagan      Published in Elision Magazine

Fun things happen whenever I work with Leah, aka DJ Siix (@mynameissiix), and this 90’s inspired shoot was no exception! This beauty is not only a killer model and great MUA, but she is also a DJ who can throw down some killer sets.  Leah and I have worked together several times during which we have become good friends, so our shoots never feel like work!  We had brainstormed this 90's shoot prior to meeting up and decided we wanted to capture both the fun bold prints and the grunge styles of the decade.  We decided to shoot in and around Leah's complex and neighborhood - which lent itself nicely to the overall feel we were going for.

This first grunge look featuring a straight out of the 90's sunflower skirt and Nirvana tee paired with the perfect yellow flannel and Victoria's Secret beanie was a fun way to mix prints and make Leah look smokin' hot! (And even without those extra pieces, this look combined with the backdrop really capture the look we were going for!)

The flannel also worked great in this extra casual crop and cutoffs look!

Sometimes the best way to make a shoot really pop is to simply explore the surrounding area.  This is one of he reasons Leah and I chose to shoot in her neighborhood- you never know what great backdrop is just around the corner!  We chose to shoot this plaid skirt/MTV tank look topped with Sunscape Eyewear Aviator shades in a little alleyway we stumbled upon that offered many different fun places to snap the perfect shot. 

We ended our shoot back in Leah's apartment complex.  We have collaborated on another shoot in the past here but it was just too good to not shoot this last grunge look in!  Leah is wearing an American Apparel body suit and vintage high waisted shorts - a simple combo but it really pops with her flowing strawberry blonde hair!

Right as we were about to wrap we found a huge box that just screamed to be shot in, so we threw that trusty yellow flannel back on with some white circle rimmed Sunscape Eyewear shades and made it happen!

I'd like to send a huge thank you out to Elision Magazine for publishing this set!  This is an amazing online magazine that I have worked with quite closely in the past.  In fact, I have a huge announcement coming soon about a new partnership with this great publication, so stay tuned!  And be sure to check back in the next few days for a new set of shots, featuring the amazing face of Young, Free and Style Obsessed!!

Until next time!

XO- Wendy

Seaside Rendezvous


When I found out I was going to have the opportunity to work with Melissa Goodman (@militiaaa) and Tim Adam (@timmy_tommy99), my mind instantly began to turn.  I knew right away that I wanted to do something related to the ocean with these two SoCal beauties but definitely didn't want to go the classic surfer/beach bombshell route.  Instead, I wanted to push the boundaries a little and see what we could do!  After looking at Tim's body of work I began to flashback to old "Cold Water" perfume ad's that I had seen in the early 2000's featuring gorgeous men jumping into the ocean in their jeans.  There's something so beautifully juxtaposed about people being fully clothed in the ocean, so, after conferring with Melissa and Tim (who were instantly on the same page) I decided we would mix higher fashion with vintage pieces and create this Seaside Rendezvous!

Melissa is wearing a vintage slip dress that I picked up a few weeks back with the express purpose of shooting wet.  I have to admit, this look came together better than I ever could have hoped, these two are on fire!!  

These two really brought the heat, even when simply sitting against the seaside rocks.

The wet look above was the last of three looks that we shot on this killer day.  We also focused on a couple of other fashion looks that we shot in areas that can be found within walking distance this La Jolla beach.  This bodysuit and oversized tux coat look was a fun play on a Pinterest inspiration and the faux hawk was all Melissa.  It pays to have a model who is a great MUA as well! 

This last look was just a classic look - with Melissa in Alexander Wang and jewlery from Roxbox.  We kept it simple in order to compliment Tim and his sharp suit.

This shoot was such a blast to be a part of, and one of those amazing times when you get to see your vision come to life in ways you never imagined!  A huge thank you goes out to Melissa and Tim for being so amazing in this shoot.   Be sure to go check them out and give them some love, they are both too good to miss!

Be sure to check back in a couple of days, I will be back with my next post featuring the stunning @mynameissiix and our newest 90's inspired Elision Magazine publication!

Slab City Chicks

For some time now, I have wanted to make the journey out to Slab City and experience it in person.  I had heard so much about this artistic community tucked away into the California desert, so when the beautiful Niki Sick (@witchawoman) and Haley Grinder (@hellgrinder) said they would journey out there with Erin Celine (@erincelinemakeup), my incredible MUA, and me I was beyond excited.  It was an excruciatingly hot day for it being the beginning of March, but we  waited for the harsh noon sun to fade (by hiding in the shade of an old recycling plant) and as the sun began to dip in the sky we headed into East Jesus to to see what Slab City had in store for us.  Our first stop was at the very well known Salvation Mountain (watch for another post showing all the fun we had there coming soon!!!).  After that stop we continued down an old dirt road that led into Slab City proper.  Right away our eye was caught by an ornately decorated truck, covered in every type of trinket imaginable.  Next to the truck was an old mobile home that was just too intriguing to not venture into.  This was the best call we made all day.  The trailer provided us with a location that looked like it had been decorated just for us, camera lined mirrors on the ceiling, interesting chachkies all over the walls and the most perfect natural lightning!  It was like the trailer was put right there for us!!

We then went a bit further into the area and found an amazing empty pool covered in graffiti that even came with its own live entertainment- a local band had set up and was practicing for that night's festivities.  They welcomed us into the area and we went crazy, shooing with the old abandonded car parked in the center of the pool, the recliners tucked beneith and old scraggly tree, really anywhere that caught our eye.  

At then end of our pool exploration the sun was just starting to set, so we used the last bits of light to capture whatever we could before the sun dipped below the desert horizon.  The girls even talked me into taking my turn as a model!  

I am so glad I had the opportunity to get out to the desert and get the chance to finally experience Slab City.  It definitely did not disappoint  and I plan to go back soon to see what other hidden gems are lying in wait, ready to be the backdrop for another amazing shoot!

Expanding My Horzions

Hello everyone and welcome to my new and improved blog!  This has been an adventure I have wanted to embark upon for some time now so I decided to reformat my website and start up this new medium to showcase my work!  Here you will find the full sets from my shoots - not simply the teaser shots that make it to Instagram or work that gets published.  I feel like I have so many images that never see the light of day, and this blog will finally give them the chance to come to life!  So, stay tuned for new sets as they come as well as LOTS of flashbacks to my past work straight off the cutting room floor as well as the revival of Wendy's Model Monday, and insights in to my life behind the lens!  

Until then, keep snapping!